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Calculus Lovers

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[23 Jan 2005|02:13pm]

I like math.
Love Mrs. Krol

[21 Dec 2004|01:04pm]

So.... anyone know how to do question 4 on the quiz? I think I got all the rest, except I almost skipped part of 4 but yeah. Im going for a C... maybe
Love Mrs. Krol

[25 Nov 2004|01:47pm]

AP problems werent so bad. Test was alright. I think we should have a general homework community
3 Lovers | Love Mrs. Krol

Test/Quiz on Monday [20 Nov 2004|10:26am]

[ mood | PIND ]

So um, yes, what is this quiz on? I think this sections isn't so bad, but I could be wrong...

Get ready for working on those AP problems in here..

1 Lover | Love Mrs. Krol

If you want to join... [14 Nov 2004|10:24pm]

So obviously you would like to join this community because Calc is just that awesome. So:

1. You have to be in our AP Calc class. Duh lol.

2. You must "watch" the community first. You do that by looking at the information and click the button for add friends. Or just click this link and we'll be added. I think you hve to do this. Either that or my computer just doesn't like me.

3. Then you can join here. you might be able to skip step 2. Not really sure.

Then I guess we can post problems and solutions and what not. And it'll be good! And If you don't have an lj username, get one!
5 Lovers | Love Mrs. Krol

Helpful AP Problem site [13 Nov 2004|05:35pm]

Love Mrs. Krol

[13 Nov 2004|11:54am]

Who Loves Math?
2 Lovers | Love Mrs. Krol

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